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Your Contribution Counts! Please Help Us Feed The Hungry and Donate

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Starting a Homeless Ministry is one of the simplest, easiest and most rewarding ministries to have. Every church should have an outreach ministry to the homeless in their local community. It is churches, and not the government, who ought to be helping the needy. The Lord asks Christian believers to help the poor, visit the prisoners and reach the lost with the Gospel. It is our responsibility. Although we can't help everybody, we can certainly help somebody in the Lord.There are many different ways to help the homeless, ranging from simply providing them with a free packaged-meal and some Gospel literature, to going as far as providing a shelter for them to temporarily lodge for the night to escape the brutal cold. We would definitely recommend giving out blankets, gloves, hats and warm clothing during the winter months.

It is heartbreaking to see someone living in a cardboard box in an alley as a makeshift home. It is common in big cities to see the homeless living down in the subways, away from the chilling winter winds, or sleeping on heated sidewalk air vents from nearby skyscrapers. The homeless are often shunned, despised and inhumanly treated by business owners. They are often beaten, bullied and robbed. Where are the poor to go?

 Should you not be able to start your homeless ministry you can partner with those that are committed to help the less fortunate.  God gives to us so that we may give to others.   


Please consider partnering with us to help feed the less fortunate.  Your help is needed more today than ever !